Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Viral journalism...

I was out on a mission and saw this guy. The truck says "Action Pesticide"; he was sound asleep in a Safeway parking lot at about 10:00 AM today. I thought it was funny.

OK, it's not earthshaking, but I wonder if his boss thought he was on the job somewhere? Maybe he was on standby and catching a quick nap waiting for his phone to ring. I slept in my old pickup quite a few times. It is not comfortable.

So, what is new in Seattle? There is always something happening here. One of the big issues is how to fix two of the most important pieces of infrastructure in the are: the 520 floating bridge and the Alaska Way Viaduct. OK, I come from the place that wanted to build the Bridge to Nowhere, which many locals still want built. For the record, I appose any attempt to build any physical link to Gravina Island, given the cost and the harm it will do to local aviation and viewscape. No bridge! Well, enough of that. The Viaduct and 520 Bridge go somewhere. The problem is, not unlike the bridge, there is no money for the projects, or at least not enough. Between the Mayor of Seattle and State of Washington politicians they can spend money faster than even the Puget Sound area can generate it. Looming in the near future is a major reconstruction of I-5 through downtown Seattle. I do not want to even think about the traffic mess that will generate!

As for fun things going on I have always wanted to go to Dimitriou's Jazz Alley for a show and want to plan on it next time the wife is in town. It is a great place to see great music!

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