Friday, March 28, 2008

My Commute

Tully's Coffee building; used to be the Rainier Brewery. Well, Seattle drinks it like beer, so is is appropriate for a coffee company, I guess. Note the big, green T on the top of the tower, replacing the old Rainer R.

Here are some pictures from my commute. I will put the rest in my photos at: My Photo Album

North going into Seattle... West Seattle is on the horizon. Below is a picture approaching Seattle on I-5. It was pretty good driving up until we got right into Seattle.

This is getting closer to downtown proper. I usually try to take the express lanes, and did that night. Nothing was moving fast, though. It was a nice day out.

So, those are some pictures of my commute. The condition of I-5 through much of this area has deteriorated markedly. "Thump, thump, thump..." is what you hear as your go over the seams in the road and the road is grooved from all of the cars.

Here is a self-portrait of me. These were all taken with my Blackjack II cell phone. Next I will post some pictures taken at night with the same phone.

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