Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Portland, why do I love thee?

I recently relocated again; this time from the Seattle area to the Portland, Oregon area. Lake Oswego to be precise. No, I am not rich, but we got a deal on a small condo and love it. As a result we have be exploring.

My wife loves to walk in parks and explore, so we have been doing a lot of that, including ogling beautiful and expensive homes that are totally our of our price range. Portland is full of parks and urban woods.

This is an example from the Tryon Nature Park near our home. There is Washington Park in Portland, the Lake Oswego Iron Fence Company site in Lake Oswego and many others. They are accessible, green and well kept. These are very nice features of this city. Portland downtown itself has riverside parks, city center parks and the unique park at Mount Tabor, an extinct volcano cone located right in Portland.

The area we live in called Mountain View is park like with lots of green space, paths and trails throughout the area. These are well maintained and surrounded with trees.

More pictures to come.