Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Been preoccupied

Well, I have not been posting, as I visited the wife for a weekend and then got into apartment hunting, found one and moved. Spent lots of money and time doing it all, but I am now settled in pretty much. Pictures to follow.

The place is in Auburn, right across the street from the Muckleshoot (yes that is their real name) Indian lands. They have a large shopping center and a huge casino there. I have not had any time to gamble yet, but have visited the QFC, which is a nice little store.

The apartment is a small one bedroom but I have room for more furniture.

The day I moved in Comcast came by and installed my Internet. Well, I was supposed to get 6 MB download speeds and was getting very slow speeds and called their tech support late at night, like midnight and got help. Needed to reset the modem; did almost nothing. It turns out that the cable I got with the modem was the main issue and now everything is great! Fastest downloads I have ever had and good service, too!

Oh, put in a new Linksys router and it is working great too. I needed a firewall and I hate software firewalls.

Hmmm... not much more to say. Check me out on Twitter; just signed up.

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