Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Where is my mojo?

I cannot seem to move ahead with my writing lately. It may be the stress of what is going on at work; it may be the need to write when I really do not have the drive to write. Well, maybe I will break the logjam tonight. I have to get my assignment posted for my creative writing class.

On the bright side, Google is taking over the Internet and I am being dragged along on its coat tails. Yes, I am glad the big G is taking over, because this means fewer places I have to remember passwords for. Currently I am using it as a home page, using the Docs and Spreadsheets, Blogger, Notepad, Gmail, Reader and Talk. If I travel I can log on and get all of this anywhere I can get on the Internet. As a result, I am more productive.

I just found this article about Google and of course more could be done, but they are doing a lot to help us all see the benefits of the Internet.

Microsoft, China and others are after Google because of its success; jealousy is a great motivator.

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