Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New cat in the house

Just as my wife and I have sort of started to adjust to being alone in the house we brought in a new face, a little female cat. She is only 7 months old but is a pretty good sized kitty all the same. Actuall, her tail is just about as big as the rest of her. No, no picture yet, as she has not stayed in one place long enough to take a picture of her. She is very friendly and wants to be near us when we are in the house, at least most of the time.
She is very active and I have yet to see her sleep, which is strange, since all of the other cats we have had are older and sleeping is their favorite past time. Her name is Muffin. No, we did not give her that name.
So far she had knocked over one little wooden figure from Germany and he fell apart, but can be glued back together. The high window sill in the living room is her favorite place, but she has to climb up on the piano, then the china cabinet and then up to the window. Kittens are definitely more interesting to have around than adult cats. Spazz, the male we have had for about 5 years, is not her favorite cat, if the spitting and growling she did last night is any indication. He went back outside for the night.
They are both fixed, but he is a male and strange (most males are strange if you ask my wife) so she is not very friendly with him.
I will post a picture when I get her to sit still long enough.

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